World Bank Funding Liberian Cocoa, Coffee Crop Revitalization

World Bank Funding Liberian Cocoa, Coffee Crop Revitalization

From  All Africa.

The Liberian government and World Bank have launched the $23.1 million tree crop project that will result in new and rehabilitated cocoa and coffee farms, according to a report in All Africa.

The project will increase access to finance, technology and markets for small-holder tree crop farmers in Liberia, and develop long term development programs for tree crops in the country’s six main tree crop-producing counties.

Close to 5,000 tree crop farmers are the project targets, with total direct beneficiaries of 26,000 household members, the report says.

The role of agriculture is significant in Liberia for economic development and poverty reduction, said Inguna Dobraja, World Bank country manager for Liberia.

Cocoa and coffee revitalization will involve new planting of 18,500 acres, technical and management advice, promotion and marketing enhancement and development of small scale processing. The project will also support the revitalization of small-holder rubber and oil palm trees.

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