Technology Interefring with Work-Life Balance in Africa?

Technology Interefring with Work-Life Balance in Africa?

From Ventures Africa

The number of mobile internet devices is set to out number humans by the end of this year. There’ll be more smartphones and internet-connected tablets and monitors than there are people on the planet.

Africa will be one focal point of the boom in smartphones. Microsoft/Huawei and Samsung are launching new smartphones for the African, and Blackberry is already well established there. Over 2012-17, Africa is predicted to have the strongest mobile data traffic of any region, increasing more than 17-fold over the period.

Clearly, smartphones are hugely empowering for Africa. They’ll spur the growth of entrepreneurship and local businesses, and bring improvements to areas of life including healthcare and education. But, at the same time, 24/7 technology brings market with it stresses and strains, making workers feel they’re always on call.

These feelings may be exacerbated as manufacturers find new ways to keep us online. In the US, Sergey Brin of Google and other early adopters are already wearing the Google Glass – spectacles which allow wearers to use the internet. And it’s widely expected that Apple will launch a smartwatch. If we don’t even have to reach into our pockets for our phone in order to connect to work, it’s going to be harder than ever to switch off.

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