Easy Taxi Ramps Up App In Kenya In Face Off With Uber

Easy Taxi Ramps Up App In Kenya In Face Off With Uber

The entrance of Uber into Africa’s taxi app market has caused a number of alternative taxi startups operating on the continent lost their market share and rethink their business approach. One of these app is Easy Taxi.

Backed by Rocket Internet, Easy Taxi is transport app startup that operates in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia and is often dubbed the world’s farthest-reaching taxi app. It has a global network of over 400,000 drivers and 17 million passengers.

The startup last week moved to improve its payment platform to include mobile money, credit card and debit card in Kenya.

“Easy Taxi is excited to provide customers with the option of paying for their rides using their credit/debit cards. With this new mode of payment, we hope to further enhance our customer’s convenience and overall experience,” Venture Burn quoted Lauren Gray, marketing director at Easy Taxi saying.

The company is however facing stiff competition from Uber, also global taxi app. Uber launched in Kenya  earlier this year and has made inroads into the market. It also operates in Nigeria and South Africa and is eying  more countries in the region.