Business Opportunity: Mauritania’s Untapped ICT Market

Business Opportunity: Mauritania’s Untapped ICT Market

Mauritania is alive with ICT possibilities and partnerships, according to Senegalese business development manager Odile Barry.

There is a strong demand in the Mauritanian ICT community for building partnerships, Barry said in a BizTechAfrica report. He said he’s hopeful Senegalese and Mauritanian authorities will strengthen cooperation in this area.

The impoverished West African country of Mauritania has a largely untapped market when it comes to information and computer technology, and companies from Senegal and Morocco visited recently to offer help, BizTechAfrica reports.

It may be impoverished, but Mauritania had 2.745 million
mobile subscriptions in 2010 — that’s 79 per 100 people, according to World Bank as listed in TradingEconomics.

A group of ICT companies from Senegal visited Mauritania including Atomium Gestion, Chaka Group, Kiwi, Orange Business Services, and SONATEL Multimedia, which together form the Consortium des Technologies del’Information et de la Communication (CTIC­Dakar).

In December, a group of 12 Moroccan ICT companies also visited the country and promised to support struggling Mauritanian ICT startups and companies and to grow and make a significant impact in this
lucrative sector, BizTechAfrica reports.

Morocco wants to partner with local tech companies and create platforms for them to interact with ICT, distributors, telecom operators and importers, said Sofia Benbelaid, head of Moroccan Centre for the promotion
of imports.