Can Togo’s Government Revive The Telecoms Sector?

Can Togo’s Government Revive The Telecoms Sector?

Togo’s government has announced that it will inject funds into the telecommunications sector through the national mobile holding company Togo Telecom, Pulse Nigeria reported. The government will offer investment to both revive and re-brand that company that is over the popular Togo Cellulaire.

According to the report, Togo Telecom will get an infrastructure and equipment upgrade so that the company can better meet standards. There are also reports of management flaws, which the government will work to dispel.

In a New Year’s memo, Togo Telecom interim director Ataféïtom Tagba  hinted at upcoming changes that were soon to come:

“The year 2015, which announces a new impetus is for TOGO TELECOM, a new horizon, because of challenges and hope. Recognize that 2014 was quite challenging both for us and for you as expectations have not always been met as expected,” Tagba said.

“The year 2015 TOGO TELECOM will fit in line with what we do for years with you, for you and thanks to you, that is to say, one year more dedicated to meeting your needs with more attention to the quality of service.”

Togo Cellulaire is making improvements of its own, responding to three million subscribers who want better and legitimate 3G internet coverage — yet another reason why Togo Telecom wants to gain back its edge within the sector and across the country.

A Republic of Togo report reiterated that boosting quality of service as well as offering more affordable prices is at the top of the list when it comes to this investment.

“This qualitative leap, the customer expects. This overhaul must also play a key role in the digital transition of Togo, Post and Digital Economy minister Cina Lawson said.

“Telecoms infrastructure is the fundamental basis of the digital economy and the group’s transformation remains crucial for Togo in its march towards emergence.”