Cape Town Tourism Wins In Cannes For Use Of Social Media

Cape Town Tourism Wins In Cannes For Use Of Social Media

Cape Town’s promotion of itself as a tourist destination won the city global kudos earlier in June for use of social media, and now Cape Town has won another award in Cannes for digital marketing.

The city’s Facebook campaign, “Send Your Facebook Profile to Cape Town,” won a Cannes Lions Gold Award for Cape Town Tourism’s advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, according to a report Monday on News24.

The prize was awarded in the branded content category for Best Use or Integration of Digital or Social Media.

Earlier in June, Cape Town won a SMITTY Award for Best Overall Use of Social Media globally, according to the News24 report.

The goal of the game-based campaign on Facebook was promoting Cape Town to a global digital media audience and enticing more visitors to the city. Launched in 2008 to address a shift in tourism trends and consumer behavior, the campaign has won international recognition for its work in this field, the report says.

“Cape Town Tourism is setting a benchmark for international tourism organisations and destinations by turning to the web and social media to promote their services and reach customers in a more far-reaching, intimate, interactive and instant way,” said Cape Town Tourism CEO Mariëtte Du Toit-Helmbold in the report. “Technology and digital marketing will continue to play a significant role in the way we sell Cape Town to the world.”

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What made the strategy stand out, she said, is that it was centered around visitors and locals, giving it authenticity and delivering tangible results.

Facebook fans were invited to send their hard-working Facebook profiles on a holiday to Cape Town. They selected from a range of activities and the competition delivered a travel itinerary, boarding pass and photo updates about their profiles’ activities and experiences in Cape Town. Players could share their experience and invite friends to send their profiles to Cape Town too.

Players were automatically eligible for prizes and real trips to Cape Town, won by Canadian, U.K. and Netherlands residents.

More than 8,000 players participated, mostly from South Africa, the U.K., U.S.A., India and Germany, generating a half-million impressions on Facebook and providing Cape Town tourism with a database of “intrigued and connected would-be visitors that are now included in Cape Town Tourism customer relationship management programs,” the report said.

Cost for the campaign was minimal, Du Toit-Helmbold said in the News24 report. “Most importantly it showcased Cape Town in the digital space to the new, connected, social consumer who relies on the opinion and testimonials of people within their social media networks. Cape Town Tourism has already seen the excellent return on investment that the digital space can afford us. It’s a cost-effective way to keep Cape Town in the spotlight and we will continue investing in innovative digital marketing programs.”