Social Activities Pick Up As Ebola Is Wiped Away In Liberia

Social Activities Pick Up As Ebola Is Wiped Away In Liberia

Written by Benno Muchler | From Voice of America

Five months ago at the height of the Ebola crisis, social life in Liberia was at a standstill, as people tried to avoid touching to keep themselves from catching the deadly virus. With new Ebola cases now down to zero, Liberians have returned to popular beaches and nightclubs. People are glad social life has returned, even though the worries have not entirely faded away.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, almost too nice for work. Monrovia lay under a blue sky. The ocean roared. Dripping all over, 28-year-old Derrick Tamba has just had a dip in the water with friends.

“I started coming back to the beach right after the government first they announced that they were lifting up the curfew and they also announced that they were reopening our schools,” said Tamba. “So looking at that information I thought it was wise coming back to the beach. I think it is a time where we can come back and reflect and just enjoy the cool times we used to have with our friends out here.”

Unlike months ago during the height of the Ebola crisis, many people are on Monrovia’s beaches. With the infection rate at zero for weeks, social life has returned to normal. Liberians enjoy their street food, and share meals and drinks again with each other. They are cramming into public buses and cabs without worry.

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