Tanzania To Add Wind Power To Green Energy Arsenal

Tanzania To Add Wind Power To Green Energy Arsenal

According to Reuters Africa, Tanzania is ready to make the move and include wind power in its green energy arsenal. The country has yet to implement a wind power farm and is seeking funding from China to carry out the plan.

Over time, the wind power farm will be able to supply 300MW of energy, but for starters will host a capacity of 50MW by 2016, the report said. The project is set to be constructed in Singida — one of Tanzania’s poorer regions.

“The government is now in talks with China’s EximBank to finalise the conditions for this low-interest loan,” a Tanzania energy and minerals ministry statement quoted by Reuters Africa said.

“The project has been delayed because of challenges in getting a concessional loan after EximBank raised its interest rate from 1 percent to 2 percent and lowered the loan repayment period to 20 years from 25 years.”

Talks of the wind power farm date back to 2008, with World Bank updates being released in 2011. Then, the project was estimated to cost between $230-$290 million and was scheduled to take off in the summer of 2013.

Now, according to Reuters Africa, TANESCO, the state power operator, private sector firm Power Pool East Africa Limited and the state’s National Development Corporation (NDC) are spearheading the project.

Tanzania’s Daily News reported that the UN is dedicated to overseeing the progression of the wind power farm as Tanzania resident coordinator Alvaro Rodriguez recently toured the construction region.

“In a short time that I was able to visit some parts of this country, my overall impression is that there is satisfactory progress,” he said in the report. “However, there is also a distinct socio-economic variation in each region. We will ensure each of the activities take into consideration the real needs of the locality.”

The UN will work alongside the government to facilitate development issues as they arise.