Ghana President Set On Moving Past Economic Hurdles

Ghana President Set On Moving Past Economic Hurdles

From Vibe Ghana

President John Dramani Mahama last Monday stated that Ghana was moving forward, in spite of the economic and power challenges it was currently experiencing. He said if for nothing at all, the country had, over the years, witnessed massive socioeconomic improvement and wondered why critics preferred to say the country was moving backwards.

President Mahama, who was interacting with the Ghanaian community in Gaborone, Botswana, as part of his three-day state visit to that country, said Ghana had, since independence, improved in amenity development such as water, health, roads, transport and education and it was, therefore, unfair to tag the country as retrogressive.

He said although health facilities were still inadequate, almost all the old districts could boast hospitals and polyclinics, while plans were underway to step up the construction of more health facilities in the new districts and major towns.

On the economy, he said the government was adopting permanent workable solutions that would bring it firmly on its feet.

He mentioned the intervention by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the improvement in technology in all aspects of financial management and the reduction in the wage bill as some of the strong measures that were underway to stem the high government expenditure.

He explained that while the government was instituting a regime of fiscal discipline by maintaining balanced expenditure, the reduction in the wage bill from 73 per cent to 49 per cent was ample demonstration that the government was determined to reduce expenditure and stabilize the economy.

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