How Swaziland Is Advancing Global Tourism Offerings

Written by Makula Dunbar

“As we speak, we are preparing for a huge festival that has made its mark in the world, which is called [the] MTN Bushfire Festival. It’s coming on the 31st of May and we expect that hordes and hordes of people will be coming down to our country,” Bongani E. Dlamini, Swaziland Tourism Board marketing manager said in a recent Varro Productions video.

A new airport and convention center is hoped to attract visitors and business organizations from around the world to up Swaziland’s tourism profile. The country, which finds pride on culture-based tourism,┬áis making an effort to become a frequented trade conference host. Although small, a perk of traveling to Swaziland is seeing most of the country in one visit, officials said.