Egypt: What We’ve Done For Africa

Egypt: What We’ve Done For Africa

From NewEra.

Egypt, which has seen two leaders removed from power since 2011 through the Arab Spring, now seems keen to rekindle its African roots shaken successively by populist mass upheavals.

Hazem Fahmy, Secretary General of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development, under the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi says the agency is mandated with granting technical co-operation and humanitarian assistance to countries across Africa and to Islamic countries.

“Egypt, as a founding member of the African Union, has the responsibility to enhance the development projects on our continent to promote a high standard of living among the African people,” he said.

The country is also engaged in creating new forms of co-operation with serious partners that are capable of playing a major role in boosting the African aspiration consistent with the African Union Vision 2063, he added.

“Egypt dispatched five medical convoys to Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Chad and Equatorial Guinea since June 2014,” he said. “The medical convoys that EAPD dispatched contributed towards saving lives of thousands of Africans.”

When asked, Fahmy said Egypt purchased medicines and ambulances that it sent to countries affected by Ebola such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Nile Basin countries such as Uganda, Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia have been among the largest recipients of multilateral and bilateral assistance from the Egyptian development agency, according to Fahmy.

Namibia is one of the countries that Egypt is looking forward to strengthening its diplomatic and economic relations with. Egypt has, since 2008, dispatched teachers and other experts to Namibia, he said.

…Fahmy believes Egypt has the capacity to help other African countries “to overcome their socio-economic challenges.”

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