Ethiopian Coffee Entrepreneur Sees Value In Local Processing

Ethiopian Coffee Entrepreneur Sees Value In Local Processing


Ethiopians can claim to have discovered coffee and no one will challenge them. The Horn of Africa Nation is the largest coffee producer on the continent and has the most variety of coffee beans in the world.

The country exports coffee worth over $50 billion every year, but like many other coffee producing countries on the continent it is not known for refining its produce into any final product.

But one “Ethiopian coffee farmer, trader, and businessman” Omar Bagersh plans to change all that. He runs a family owned firm S.A. Bagersh, which is one of the oldest coffee trading company in the country of about 80 million people.

“In this generation, the company has expanded to include farming, roasting and packaging,” Bagersh told the Africa Progress Panel, adding that the country is also the biggest coffee consumer in Africa.

“Ethiopia is growing … and just like in any other country what you need to do is aim for excellence and do it to a higher level and that’s what brings success.”