Ugandan Project Generates Biogas From Animal Waste

Ugandan Project Generates Biogas From Animal Waste


Biogas partnerships across the continent are aiming to install more than 100,000 biogas plants in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Uganda by 2017, according to a CCTV video.

More than 300 animals are slaughtered a day in Kampala’s largest slaughterhouse. A biogas plant uses 40 percent of the biogas generated by animal waste¬†to power the slaughterhouse.

Methane is the most important byproduct of animal waste — it’s the one that burns, said Dr. Robinson Odong, biogas project manager.

But there’s a need for local buy-in and support, said Joseph Kyambadde with Bio-Innovate, East Africa.

People think the biogas is polluted which is not the case, he said. “The mindset of people needs to be somehow changed,” Kyambadde said.