Cote D’Ivoire Among Africa’s Most Promising Agribusiness Destinations

Cote D’Ivoire Among Africa’s Most Promising Agribusiness Destinations

Written by Kurt Davis Jr | From Ventures Africa

Africa’s agriculture sector struggles to access financing and attract investment. Microfinance organizations remain active in the space. But private equity firms and banks are still slowly coming around to the potential of the agriculture space.

Fears over sustainability, education and policy justifiably remain: (1) many African countries do not have an extensive track record of sustained success in the agriculture space; (2) a significant amount of workers in the agricultural space do not have more than primary level education; and (3) policy is ever changing as leadership changes through elections.

But there is great hope is the changing landscape for African agriculture, as highlighted by a few of Africa’s rapidly emerging economies with great agriculture opportunity.

Cote D’Ivoire

It is easy to forget that Cote d’Ivoire was embroiled in a civil war less than five years ago. And that sentiment is the best thing about this emerging market. It is a sign of changing perceptions about the country and the growing tailwinds pushing it forward.

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