Visa Checkout Payment Service To Debut In South Africa

Visa Checkout Payment Service To Debut In South Africa

Launched in the summer of last year, one-stop electronic payment service Visa Checkout is making its way to South Africa, according to Enterprise Innovation. Upgrading from 10 countries, the payment system will be available in 16 countries by the end of 2015 — South Africa being the only country within the African continent.

Available for use on any electronic device, the service stores credit and debit card information so customers can forego filling out payment forms every time they make a purchase. Visa Checkout is already operation in countries including the U.S., Canada and Australia.

“Consumers and merchants alike love its simplicity and ease, which is particularly important as people shop and buy more frequently on smaller devices like phones and tablets,” Sam Shrauger, Visa’s senior vice president of Digital Solutions said in the Enterprise Innovation report.

According to IT Web Africa, more than 100 e-commerce retailers have integrated the Visa Checkout button and process into their sites. Upwards of three million accounts — which can be accessed through any e-commerce site — have already been created.

Dougie Henderson, head of emerging payments & innovation for Africa said in the IT Web Africa report that South African shoppers will find it easier to shop on international sites.

“We are thus very excited to announce that consumers in South Africa can now sign up for Visa Checkout at www.visacheckout.com and start using the service to shop at the international merchants in North America and Australia that already support Visa Checkout,” he said. “Over the next few months, we will work with local bank and merchant partners to onboard local merchants to offer this service.”

Through broadening its global market reach, Visa is looking to build on its already, “tremendous growth.”