A First For Cameroonian Gamers? Pioneer Brings Locally Relevant Content

A First For Cameroonian Gamers? Pioneer Brings Locally Relevant Content

In 2003, Cameroonian Olivier Madiba had a dream to make videos games that Africans could identify with.

He set up a production studio in Cameroon and the result is Kiro’o Games Studio with 2o employees — animators and programmers.

This is the first generation of video game professionals in Cameroon, according to a video on France24English.

A pioneer in its field, Kiro’o got seed money through equity crowdfunding — a finance model that’s still rare on the continent. It allows people to donate money to projects of their choice through an online platform, Madiba told France24.

Kiro’o is producing African games with locally relevant content.

Especially in Central Africs, the normal finacing channels are not in place, Madiba said. “There aren’t that many venture capitalists. (The crowdfunding) model lets people in the diaspora participate in the new Africa success story.”

Being the first of its kind in Cameroon, Madiba said his company has a responsibility. If it succeeds it will pave the way for an entire industry.

Cameroonian gamers can look forward to “Aurion, The Legacy of Kori-Odan,” — the first 100-percent Cameroonian game. It’s expected to be available in April, according to France24.

If the game represents Cameroonian culture, “just to search for what we identify with in this game, we will find a way to buy the game,” said Arnaud Simo, senior vice president of Kamer Game Yaounde.