How To Be Successful Doing Business In Madagascar

How To Be Successful Doing Business In Madagascar

From How We Made It In Africa.

Do business face to face, negotiate costs, seal the deal over lunch and be accessible – these are some tips  from a veteran on how to be successful in business in Madagascar.

Mamy Rakotondraibe, manager for DHL Madagascar,  has been doing business on the francophone island since 2001.

He describes it as a country rich in sulphur, nickel, gold, oil and gas where 80 percent of the 21 million residents are farmers and there are rice fields in the middle of the capital, Antananarivo, according to an interview in How We Made It In Africa.

Political uncertainty in Madagascar might have limited business and economic growth, but the country has blossoming textile and eco-tourism industries, Rakotondraibe said in the report. “A lot of textile and mining companies are really still willing to come here,” he said.

Most of the country’s farming is subsistence, and the island has to import a lot of its food,  Rakotondraibe, said, but he believes there are opportunities for multinational companies who provide agricultural equipment to farmers.

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