How Bloggers Are Globalizing And Democratizing African Fashion

How Bloggers Are Globalizing And Democratizing African Fashion

African fashion, boosted by the trendiness of wax print, has had a positive turn in recent years, according to blogger Chayet Chiénin in her blog, Nothing but the wax, and HuffingtonPost.

A craving for African prints is on the rise among celebrities and stars, Chiénin says, and they have been featured in the mainstream media and in top venues.

Bloggers should also get credit for the important contribution they’ve made and continue to make in the globalization and democratization of African fashion, according to Chiénin.

There’s democratization because what bloggers say about fashion impacts large audiences who are not necessarily familiar with African fashion.

Globalization happens when prominent bloggers have an influence that goes beyond the framework of the countries they live in, Chiénin says. Ordinary people around the world follow their social networks and blogs, but so do industry professionals such as stylists, fashion journalists and even professional buyers.

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