Chinese CDC Experts Take On Ebola Trainings In Sierra Leone

Written by Makula Dunbar

China has sent 27 health experts to Freetown, Sierra Leone to advise locals on Ebola prevention methods in an effort to rid the country of the virus once and for all. CCTV Africa reported that the experts from the Chinese Center For Disease Control (CDC) are disseminating life-saving tips and information through presentations.

“There’s no cure for Ebola yet. Most confirmed cases are found within local communities, which have poor sanitation,” Dr. Liang Xiaofeng, deputy director of China’s CDC told CCTV Africa. “This is why we chose to train the communities.”

Already 3,000 people in Sierra Leone have died from Ebola. Thus far, through China’s trainings, roughly 5,000 locals have been educated on how to handle Ebola patients — which for every one there is a likelihood that two people will be infected.