12 Contemporary African Artists Rocking The Art World

Written by Daniella Sforza

Rapture of Olurombi's Daughter, 2013 by Peju Alatise
Rapture of Olurombi’s Daughter, 2013 by Peju Alatise

3. Peju Alatise, Nigeria (born 1975)

A new and emerging talent on the African art scene, Alatise’s body-contoured, colorful fabrics serve to clothe invisible human archetypes. Her figures, such as the defiant, winged woman, represent no limitations and stand as testimony to the female form, whose power is invisible to the eye. In her “Wrapture” series, Alatise’s work is a medley of folds, knots, and draped cloth dramatizing our clothed identities. A Yoruban, she infuses poetic humor into her figures’ gestures, engaging a philosophical language that seeks to redeem the “female folk.” She lives and works in Lagos and has a growing number of exhibits to her name.

Source: Peju Alatise