Jean-Yves Ollivier’s Journey To Plot For Peace [Part 3]

Written by Makula Dunbar


Known mostly for his background in business and expertise in negotiation, Jean-Yves Ollivier, now secretary general of the Brazzaville Foundation For Peace and Conservation, is sharing his story through the documentary Plot For Peace.

Working in everything from oil and commodities to peace and politics, Ollivier spoke to AFKInsider about his journey and how he became connected to the ending of apartheid in South Africa. In part three of the interview, Ollivier talks more about participating in the making of Plot For Peace and important messages from the film.

“I refused, because it was not in my plans. I wanted to die with my secret, but they used very strong arguments that I have duties and I cannot go like that,” Ollivier said in regards to being contacted by filmmakers to speak about his behind-the-scenes anti-apartheid work. “It took them six months to convince me.”