Intel Boosts Local Tech Investment, Creates Incubator for Local Developers in Kenya

Intel Boosts Local Tech Investment, Creates Incubator for Local Developers in Kenya

According to Biz Tech Africa, techies in Kenya will be the first to benefit from the efforts of Intel Corporation’s Intel Software and Services Group, a global division of the company. Part of the investment initiative includes three startups receiving special attention and training from silicon valley experts.

Directing their tech focus to the region that is a proven ICT leader, Intel’s ultimate goal is to connect with 400 Kenyan developers who will create at least 100 applications for mobile devices and Intel powered tablets — within the next six months.

Biz Tech Africa reported that the Intel incubator program will link with Strathmore University and the University of Nairob to further localize the effort. Starting out with a bang, more than 250 potential participants showed up at Intel’s developers conference.

“We recognize that software is a vital element of all Intel platforms and processors. Therefore, Intel Software and Services Group seeks to enhance local innovation and provide tools to developers that enable them create applications with rich user experience on devices running on Intel technology,” Intel East Africa manger Danie Steyn said at the conference. “We are very excited about the growing developer engagement in Africa and seek to increase collaborations with tech hubs, independent software vendors and universities.”

The program also contains a business component. Through the implementation of a collaboration between Intel and ihub, coaching sessions called Ideation Camps will help tech entrepreneurs and social innovators navigate the business and technology landscape. Participants will learn how to translate problems into business opportunities, Biz Tech Africa reported. The sessions are scheduled to begin June 24.

In addition, another initiative titled “Intel Developer Zone,” will help tech engineers negotiate deals with independent software vendors.

“Programs that provide opportunities for local software developers to nurture their skills, to access the latest tools and to get exposure on the global stage are critical components in the growth of our local software economy,” Victor Kyalo, Acting CEO of Kenya’s ICT Board told Biz Tech Africa. “Intel’s approach to collaborate and support tech hubs, independent software vendors and universities provides a good opportunity for both upcoming and established developers to exploit.”