So-Called Reality TV Shows That Are Actually Staged

So-Called Reality TV Shows That Are Actually Staged

15 Reality T.V. Shows That Are Staged

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Reality TV shows are so popular, they’re considered a staple for viewers. Why? Research shows reality TV satisfies three basic needs: an insatiable appetite for fame; an urge to relate to characters on shows; and the need for cheap programming.While our eyes are glued to the TV wondering who will receive the rose from the bachelor, little do we know that most (maybe all) of these shows are orchestrated. Here are 15 so-called reality TV shows that are actually staged.

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bear grylls

1. “Running Wild” With Bear Grylls

This intense show portrays a man lost in an extreme rugged land fending for himself. He bites into a live raw fish for food and constantly makes makeshift shelters to protect himself from the unforgiving weather. But the real story behind it? It’s all fake. In fact, Bear Grylls was caught filming just a few feet from a main road, pretending to be in the deep wilderness.

the bachelor

2. “The Bachelor”

A handsome man, Juan Pablo, must pick a winning woman among a group of women hoping to win the final rose and his heart. He goes on several dates, breaks up with many and finally finds the woman of his dreams. They live happily ever after. The end? Not quite — since the producers were the ones who handpicked the winner, whether the bachelor had feelings for her or not.

crossing over

3. “Crossing Over With John Edward”

He’s as genuine as Joan River’s face. On the show, Edward wows the audience by supposedly talking to dead people with perfect accuracy. Little does the audience know that Edward was collecting their dead relative’s information when they were interviewed by staff before the show — a scam artist as its finest.


4. “Mindfreak”

Levitation? Disappearing act? Walking on water? We do not need to tell you that this show is completely bogus, do we?


5. “House Hunters”

Hate to be the one to tell you that this beloved show is not as genuine as you think it is. “House Hunters” shows interested house hunters looking to purchase homes as they venture between three potential winners before making an offer. The thing is, most (if not all) of the buyers already closed on a house before filming began. In fact, some of the houses they were looking at were friends’ homes or whatever place they could find at the last minute for filming.

the hills

6. “The Hills”

Definitely scripted. Modeled after “Laguna Hills,” this new show portrays the drama of glamorous, wealthy young women. One of the reality TV stars, Kristin Cavallari, said they were only filmed three days a week and told what to talk about. In fact, some of onscreen relationships were completely fabricated for the amusement of viewers. Sorry, but you’ve been duped.

jerry springer show

7. Jerry Springer

A black midget Jewish klansman? Seems legit.

breaking amish

8. “Breaking Amish”

Seriously, this one shouldn’t have surprised you. Any “reality” show about Amish people is fake and you should have seen that one a mile away.

beauty and the geeks

9. “Beauty and the Geeks”

Word has it the producers behind this international show couldn’t find actual geeks willing to participate. Instead, they found average men and had them put on nerdy clothes. At the end of the show, the “geeks” are transformed into good-looking men (they just put on their own clothes they wore before casting).

mystery diners

10. “Mystery Diners”

This popular show depicts a failing restaurant or diner under surveillance, supposedly without the staff’s knowledge. We watch as waitstaff are rude to customers, embezzle money from the registers and perform poor service. While the rest of us are yelling at the TV in disbelief of how rude these people can be, it would be beneficial to know that they are paid actors. Yup, none of this is real.

cake boss

11. “Cake Boss”

If you’ve watched this show, you’ll remember how very Italian Buddy Valastro and his family are. Everything they do is Italian, Italian, Italian. In one famous scene, a wedding supposedly takes place in Italy to solidify the beautiful dynamic of this Italian family. The only thing is…they were never in Italy. It was a complete set-up, made to look like they were filming in Italy. Turns out they were in New Jersey the whole time.

judge judy

12. “Judge Judy”

What? You mean all that sass and those come-backs from this feisty little lady aren’t real?! Well maybe some of it is is genuine but the court and the rulings are far from real. Participants are paid to appear on the show and they get a free trip to Los Angeles. When the sharp-tongued judge sentences them to pay fines, unbeknownst to the audience, none of defendants actually has to pay. In fact, her “final ruling” isn’t actually final, and can be easily overturned. Case over.


13. “Cheaters”

Taking cues from Jerry Springer, the producers behind “Cheaters” know that the trashier the show, the more viewers they get. Once the scorned lover finds out that her husband has been cheating on her with her sister, huge fights ensue, and that’s where the fun begins. And who doesn’t love a good fight? Problem is, they were paid actors.

joe millionaire

14. “Joe Millionaire”

“Joe Millionaire” was a show depicting a handsome millionaire bachelor seeking a bride. He dated a group of desperate women hoping for a proposal from a guy with money. The women were eliminated until there was only one woman left standing. At the end of the show, it was revealed that Joe Millionaire was not, in fact, a millionaire but a construction worker earning less than $30,000 a year. Hilarity ensued upon the lady’s reaction. But this is where it gets even more staged — while Joe Millionaire was no millionaire, he was also no construction worker. He was actually an underwear model for several clothing brands. D’oh!

wwe smackdown

15. WWE Smack Down

Nope, none of this is real. You should know this. They’re not even good actors. No excuses.