15 Up-And-Coming Female Comedians You’ll See More Of

15 Up-And-Coming Female Comedians You’ll See More Of


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The idea that women aren’t as funny as men is getting old. Despite some of history’s greatest comedians — Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller and Madeline Kahn — repeatedly making audiences roar with laughter, the “unfunny” myth still needs to be debunked. Here are 15 up-and-coming female comedians you’ll see more of.

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aubrey plaza
Kristin Dos Santos/Flickr.com

1. Aubrey Plaza

You might remember her from her stint in “Parks & Recreation.” Plaza’s fame has been rapidly increasing. She has appeared in several films and shows since her first big break. Despite the fact that the film, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” — her most recent job — bombed, she was widely praised for her comical acting.

chelsea peretti
Miss Wight/Flickr.com

2. Chelsea Peretti

Peretti became a Twitter sensation for her endless funny tweets. This Jewish-Italian funny lady was quickly recognized as a talent and she has been recruited to appear on several shows. She is acting in a Fox TV show, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” with Andy Samberg of SNL fame.

kristen schaal
Gage Skidmore/Flickr.com

3. Kristen Schaal

You may remember her as the love-struck Mel from the TV series, “Flight of the Conchords,” rambling about Jemaine’s lips. Since the series ended, Schaal has been doing stand up and was booked as a voice-over actress in animated TV sitcoms and shows such as “Bojack Horseman” and “Bob’s Burgers.” 

lauren lapkus
Fuzzy Gerdes/Flickr.com

4. Lauren Lapkus

Receiving her first break in the 2012 TV series, “Are You There, Chelsea?” by co-starring with fellow female comedian, Chelsea Handler, Lapkus is known for her awkward-yet-funny persona. You might be familiar with her role as the mousy security guard in the hit TV series, “Orange is the New Black.”

june diane raphael
Gage Skidmore/Flickr.com

5. June Diane Raphael

Employed by both Adult Swim channel and the sketch comedy, “Upright Citizen Brigade Theater,” Raphael has been helping others be more funny through her screenwriting. She currently hosts a podcast, “How Did This Get Made?” In it, she and other comedians poke fun at terrible movies.

katie dippold

6. Katie Dippold

A member of the writing team on the TV show, “Parks & Recreation,” Dippold also wrote the box office success, “The Heat,” starring Sandra Bullock and fellow comedian Melissa McCarthy. She occasionally does stand up at small venues but has a big career of comedy writing ahead of her. Prepare to see her name popping up in more films and shows. 

aparna nancherla

7. Aparna Nancherla

Nancherla does great parodies in her hilarious version of a news anchor giving bogus interviews. She often incorporates puppetry in her comedy skits, blurring the line between cute and vulgar.

tig notaro

8. Tig Notaro

No stranger to dark comedy, Notaro is an openly gay comedian hailing from the Bible belt of Mississippi. She tells many stories of her childhood struggles with humor. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is in remission. She is expected to hit the stage again. 

megan amram

9. Megan Amram

Known for her punny jokes and word play, Amram is one smart cookie. After graduating from Harvard University, she joined the writers of the TV comedy series, “Parks & Recreation,” creating jokes for Amy Poehler.

phoebe robinson

10. Phoebe Robinson

She’s known for her insanely funny adaptation of the ’90s cartoon, “Daria,” only Robinson calls her podcast “Blaria” — you guessed it, black-Daria. With Robinson’s increasing fame, it would be no surprise to see her appearing on sitcoms and films soon.

Maryann Ventrice/Flickr.com

11. Sara Benincasa

She’s known for parodying Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and other female Republicans. She got her first break when she made a string of comical Youtube videos and was quickly contacted by a women’s interest website, Jezebel. Today she works as a hilarious interviewer who questions celebrities in their bathtubs.


12. Julie Klausner

Hailing from New York City, Klauser is a writer and comedian who got her first break when her satirical novel was published. Since then, she has received more attention with her biting sense of humor. She is currently working on a sitcom, “Difficult People,” produced by Amy Poehler.

amy schumer

13. Amy Schumer

Born to a Jewish family in Manhattan and reared in Long Island, Schumer has been gracing the stage with her quirky humor. She recently earned her own TV show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” that is reportedly getting high ratings.

issa rae

14. Issa Rae

The creator of an award-winning web series, “Awkward Black Girl,” Rae uses her show to portray a comical upbringing as an African American in mostly white Potomoc, Maryland. When her family moved to a more diverse city, Rae said she was constantly bullied for “acting too white.” Today, she is working on an HBO comedy series, “Non-Prophet,” to further document her awkward experiences.  

lea delaria
Stuart Grout/Flickr.com

15. Lea DeLaria

You might recognize her mischievous butch as “Big Boo” from the TV show, “Orange is the New Black.” Although DeLaria has been performing stand up since the early ’90s, it wasn’t until recently she grabbed the spotlight as an aspiring new female star. She is one of the few openly gay pioneers in comedy.