Military Killing Of Rebels To Cause Political Unrest In Burundi?

Written by Staff

Written by Gabe Joselow | From Voice of America

Military officials in Burundi this week said soldiers killed nearly 100 alleged rebel combatants during five days of fighting near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nine of the fighters blamed for the violence that started northwest of the capital, Bujumbura, were arrested.

Officials have yet to say whether they were rebels from the FNL movement, which operates in the region, or another group altogether, but Deputy Presidential Spokesman Gervais Abayeho says there is suspicion the alleged attack may be part of an attempt to disrupt elections scheduled to begin in May.

“I believe the first incident whereby Burundi suffered an attack from the Democratic Republic of Congo could be politically motivated because the army who were involved in the fighting say the armed group was trying to reach one big forest in the area, where they would stage widespread attacks across the country ahead of this year’s elections.”

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