Sudan Switches To Electronic Voting System

Written by Ann Brown

Sudan is going high-tech for its next election. The county will use the electronic voting system for the first time in its electoral history in next April’s elections.

According to the chairman of the National Election Commission (NEC), Dr. Mukhtar Alasam, the electronic voting system will be operated in the cities and urban centers around the country.

The process will be easy to use: Voters go to a booth and press a button on another electronic machine displaying the colours and insignias of the parties taking part in the elections, reports Star Africa.

According to NEC boss Alasam, $100 millionwasset aside for the Sudanese presidential and national assembly elections and that 95 regional and international bodies and the telecommunication companies will offer support, Alasam explained.

Last month Namibia became the first country in Africa to hold e-poll.