12 Things You Need To Know About The Alleged Assassination Plot In Zimbabwe

Written by Keren Mikva


Some speculate this was Mugabe’s plan to consolidate power

The political maneuvering on Mugabe’s part that has followed the allegations have led many to believe he seeks to remain as Zimbabwe’s president until his death, as well as secure the economic interests of his family. As the leader of the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute, Pedzisai Ruhanya, said, “You challenge Mugabe, you are accused of treason.” Former party spokesman, Rugare Gumbo, echoed the sentiment, saying, “If he wants to destroy someone, he will just say you want to assassinate him…Why would she plan to kill a 90-year-old man she served loyally since she was a kid?”

Source: Aljazeera.com, ABCNews.Go.com