Tunisia Shuts Largest Border Point With Libya

Tunisia Shuts Largest Border Point With Libya

From Aljazeera

Tunisia closed its largest border point with Libya at Ras Gdair on Sunday following heavy clashes between the forces of retired Libyan General Khalifa Haftar and the Dawn of Libya rebel forces.

Earlier today, Haftar forces declared their control of the area extending from Boukmash, 100 km west of the Libyan capital, till the Ras Gdair border crossing.

Also earlier, Libya’s eastern Es Sider oil export port stopped working due to clashes nearby, an oil official said.

The Ras Lanuf port east of Es Sider is still working, the official said, while the al-Waha Oil Company running the Es Sider port had halted work.

Omar al-Sanki, interior minister of the recognized government, said his forces had seized the western Ras Jdir border crossing, the main gateway into Tunisia.

But a Libyan border official and the mayor of Zuwara, a town east of Ras Jdir, denied this.


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