M23 Rebels In Uganda May Be Repatriated To DRC

Written by Makula Dunbar

Last year, DRC conflict incited by the country’s M23 rebels died down following the infiltration of UN peacekeepers. CCTV Africa reported that the rebels later fled to Uganda. Now the governments of both nations have come to an agreement to repatriate the rebels in contingency with their oath to steer clear of violence. An amnesty law will allow the ex-M23 members six months to come forth to the DRC government to swear off of rebel activity.

“There had been a stalemate in regards to the repatriation of these rebels. Now that at least we are seeing the DRC government move, we know that the amnesty law is in place —and it is progress in the right direction,” Fred Opolot, Uganda foreign affairs spokesman told CCTV Africa. “Now, the M23 rebels will eventually be going back to their country.”