Rising North Africa Aerospace Hubs Attract European Business

Rising North Africa Aerospace Hubs Attract European Business

From AIN Online

The aerospace industries in Morocco and Tunisia still tend to be viewed as embryonic by some Westerners, but the North African countries are starting to capitalize on the desire by European companies to move production offshore and take advantage of the close proximity to these low-cost economies.

Both countries have made a commitment to develop an investment framework promoting local jobs, and opportunities for international companies, and this is paying dividends with the constant creation of new aerospace concerns. Although the IT and technological resources are sometimes low, the growth of special economic zones devoted to the aerospace industry in both countries presages development that looks set to become more sophisticated over time.

In Morocco, Royal Air Maroc’s decision to relocate its head office to Casablanca Airport in 2004 heralded the growth of Aéropole Nouaceur, the industrial zone located adjacent to the airport. This has become a focal point for Western OEMs wanting to tap the potential of North Africa to contribute to their programs.

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