It’s Personal: Why Jay Z’s Tidal War Is Heating Up With Jimmy Iovine’s Apple Music

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There has always been a problem with music industry executives exploiting artists, specifically Black artists.

Throughout Jay Z’s new “4:44” album, released on Thursday, the Brooklyn rapper talks about personal things — his marriage, his daughter, and his views on how capitalism and entrepreneurship can help Black people.

Jay Z calls out the names of dozens of people on the album, including Jimmy Iovine, an executive at Apple Music streaming service. In 2016, Apple was reportedly in negotiations to buy Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming business. Iovine later denied this.

Iovine teamed with Dr. Dre — now considered the world’s richest rapper — in 2006 to found Beats Electronics. Apple bought the company for $3 billion in 2014 and hired Iovine to create Apple Music, the electronics giant’s foray into streaming music.

Jay Z released “4:44” as a digital exclusive on his Tidal streaming service, which he bought in 2015. Here are some of the lyrics from “Smile”:

Fuck a slice of the apple pie, want my own cake
Chargin’ my own fate
Respect Jimmy Iovine
But he gotta respect the Elohim as a whole new regime
And niggas playin’ for power, huh
So our music is ours
lyrics from Jay Z’s “Smile” track on “4:44.”

Before Jay Z took lyrical shots at Apple Music executive Iovine on “4:44”, he pulled most of his music from rival streaming services including Apple’s music streaming platform, Beats Music. The friction between Tidal and Apple seems to have taken a turn for the worse commercially and is now getting personal.

In a statement, Jay Z described the release strategy for “4:44” as a “perfect storm of sharing music with fans.”

Music streaming is dominated by Apple Music and Spotify. Tidal “has relied largely on splashy exclusives from its artist partners to encourage sign-ups, making itself the first — and, in some cases, only — place to hear new music from Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyoncé, whose ‘Lemonade’ has remained a Tidal exclusive since its release in April 2016, New York Times reported.

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  • I cringe at the thought of someone using the “race card” when the politics of the industry has NEVER benefited black artists. I think Beyonce broke alot of that mold but prior plenty skillful and talented black artists that could not afford legal counsel at the start of their career got ram rodded by industry executives with no talent. Jimmy Iovine stated in his interview that he strictly got into music to stand next to the cool kids. Who were those cool kids? Black artists, so he basically leveraged their coolness for his pockets. Did dope moments come out of that most definitely. To compare JAY Z and Dr. Dre is so misguided. Dr. Dre has had a relationship with Jimmy since the late 80s/early 90s so of course he will do business there. JAY Z, as an artist first, and subsequently has a BLACK business man has sufffered the press marginalizing TIDAL, false reports, and so much more that doesn’t happen to a figure like Jimmy Iovine. “Race Cards” are ways industries try to white-splain our collective struggle. Please rethink it.

    • Couldn’t be said any better…

  • Ty Sydnor

    This piece makes me wonder if the author is anti-Jay Z, or just playing devils advocate. The “what if” Jimmy offered a better deal would Jay have something to say? isn’t valid because he didn’t. This author may have forgotten that entertainment as a whole is explotive. It offers you revenue for your art or talent, but ultimately very rarely will an artist be in a postition to steer the ship of thier career or worse generate long term revenue from the work that is released. Few artists or entertainers are ever in a postion to “cut the check” they are mostly “cashing out” or “spending in advance of”. So there is no “calling out or making anything personal ” when in fact all of the statements made are true. Don’t condemn anyone for stating facts, unless they are not facts at all. Unfortunately in this case, those statements from Jay are factual. Artist should be somewhat educated in their chosen career path. Entertainment and sports are the only careers in which not being educated about your area of expertise is celebrated and exploited. its also no surprised that more often than not that those are the very same careers have some of the shortest timeframes of employment and financial ruin after its over. NO matter who was the messenger I’m glad the message was sent.

    • Arian Nicole

      “This piece makes me wonder if the author is anti-Jay Z, or just playing devils advocate. The “what if” Jimmy offered a better deal would Jay have something to say? isn’t valid because he didn’t. This author may have forgotten that entertainment as a whole is exploitive.”
      THANK YOU… my thoughts exactly… straw man tactic diverting away from the commendable strides Jay Z has accomplished in contrast to the usual system of exploitation

  • Jeffrey Foote

    When the history of the music industry is reviewed from an economic standpoint, to say Blacks have not gotten their fair share is quite the understatement! Playing the race card? Why not, it’s the highest card in the deck, especially in this industry! With changing technology and backroom deals happening in “old boys” networks where Black men ARE NOT INVITED to, what do you think is happening? What do you think has always been happening? Do what you must JZ, I’ll wait and see how it comes out in the wash!

  • Nevets Nonnac

    So basically his references to Iovine is sour grapes. Nevermind the historical parasitic nature or jews and black artists and atheletes. Truth is truth no matter the instigation of its utterance.

  • This is a battle that will play itself out in every industry because the only way to change the rules of the game is to be a game maker. Jay Z has some solid thinking here. If more artists united, they could create a new game under their terms, but the music industry plays a divide and conquer strategy. Jay Z must match such strategy to win.

  • La’Quilla Vaughn

    <3 Jay for this. Those who don't understand this man mind are merely sheep or haters.

  • sactownmax

    Misses the entire point JAY Z was making ….. he is in a position NOW where he is signing checks to label heads … when it has ALWAYS been the other way around … That’s not a slight to “Jimmy” It’s a BLUEPRINT

  • That was an awesome video. I was never a J fan. I was a Nas man. I always repected J. How can you not? It’s an ugly game when it comes to relationships. Everyone has their own perception of what is right or wrong. Who am I to judge this man? Im happy for em. lol