Mauritius Companies Inject $2.4M Into Local Textile Industry

Mauritius Companies Inject $2.4M Into Local Textile Industry

Written by Tarisai Mandizha |  From News Day

At least three companies from Mauritius have concluded business contracts worth $2,4 million with local companies in the textile and clothing and chemicals sector.

Speaking at the buyers and sellers meeting Mauritius–Zimbabwe, Enterprise Mauritius chairperson Amedee Darga said yearly Mauritian exports to Zimbabwe used to be very high, reaching up to $8 million at one point, while Zimbabwe exports to Mauritius were also equally higher.

“At least I am glad to report that three of the companies that are present in this exhibition have concluded contracts with three partner companies in Zimbabwe, one contract of $500 000, one contact of $1,2 million and another one for $750 000 giving a total of $2,4 million,” Darga said.

He said Mauritian exports last year came down to only $750 000 and declined further to $270 000 in the first quarter of this year.

“There was then a time when Mauritians were eating butter and frozen beef from Zimbabwe and Ziscosteel was also exporting to Mauritius,” he said.

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