Take A Look Inside Kenya’s iHub With Its Founders As Tourguides

Written by Dana Sanchez

Kenya’s iHub in Nairobi was established by Erik Hersman and Juliana Rotich of Ushahidi, a now-global nonprofit tech company and platform for crowd-sourced data mapping.

In this video, the founders show and tell what’s happening in technology in Kenya, where they say the iHub has become ground zero for digital innovation in East Africa.

Established in 2010, the iHub is now about five years old and has become an open space for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business people and technologists to collaborate, work on new ideas and network, according to a video by Design Indaba.

“This is where the investors are, this is where the start-ups come, this is where the media come to find their stories about who’s building what, and it’s really this melting pot of all the right people and the right things around technology in the country,” Hersman said.

The four-story iHub building houses tech headquarters including Ushahidi and its hardware spinoff, Brck.

The fourth floor is a community space with people working together.

The third floor features m:Lab East Africa, a mobile app incubator or consortium partnership for app developers who grow out of the iHub.

On the second floor, there’s research.

The first floor is home to companies that are more independent.

The iHub is home to Akirachix, a group of women who run outreach and training to teach underprivileged women how to code and kids in school how tech is a career option.

Kenya has some of the lowest costs to get online and some of the best speeds, Hersman said.

“Our job, we found out later after we built (iHub), is really just to engineer the serendipity to make sure that people come together and good things happen,” he said.