MEST Incubator Students Pitch Promising Startups in Ghana

MEST Incubator Students Pitch Promising Startups in Ghana

From Forbes

Norwegian Software entrepreneur Jorn Lyseggen was in Ghana on Saturday for the 2013 Graduation ceremony of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), the entrepreneurial school he founded in 2007 to help train young, intelligent Ghanaians to become software entrepreneurs. Since founding the school, 139 students have graduated and 13 companies have been founded by these people. Collectively, these companies now employ over 70 people.

MEST is a tech entrepreneurial school and incubator with an interesting model.

“The idea was to get young graduates from all across Ghana who were passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. We wanted people who were interested in building a company. Our selection criteria was that each of them had to have a first degree from a University or higher institution of learning. Then we put them through rigorous aptitude tests and other screening exercises to get the very best out of the entire lot,” said Lyseggen, who was born in Korea but adopted by a family in Norway and has already sold two companies and taken a third public.

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