Air France Probes Gabon, Mozambique Markets

Air France Probes Gabon, Mozambique Markets

Written by Baudelaire Mieu | From Bloomberg

Air France-KLM Group (AF) has started talks with the governments of Mozambique and Gabon to open two new direct flights from Paris within the next two years.

The routes would be to Maputo, Mozambique, and Port Gentil, one of the centers for oil in Gabon, Senior Vice President Frank Legre said in an interview in Ivory Coast’s commercial capital, Abidjan, today. Air France operates a flight from Paris to Libreville, Gabon. Mozambique is the site of the world’s largest discovery of natural gas in the past decade. Gabon is one of Africa’s largest oil producers.

“We’ve started talks with the authorities of both countries,” he said. The economy of Mozambique “is growing fast and the discovery of natural gas deposits makes this country attractive.”

Carriers from Ethiopian Airlines to South African Airways are fighting for routes to meet growing demand in sub-Saharan Africa as discoveries of oil, gas and minerals fuel economic growth of about 5 percent in the region this year.

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