Finding Fela: Femi Kuti Talks Following In His Father’s Footsteps [Part 3 of 3]

Written by Makula Dunbar


In part three of AFKInsider‘s interview with musician Femi Kuti and Stephen Hendel, executive director of the documentary “Finding Fela,” they talk about Fela’s political edge as it relates to the film’s story. Although the doc hit select theaters this summer, it’s still circulating across the U.S. Watching it you’ll learn in-depth about Fela’s struggle to challenge the government and politics in Nigeria. You’ll also learn more about his extended family and expectations, which his son details in our interview.

“I wouldn’t say follow in my father’s footsteps. I always I wanted to play music from when I can remember. It was just a question of how [and] when,” Femi Kuti told AFKInsider.

“At the time I realized I really, truly wanted to play music, I realized how big my father’s image was. Everybody knew him. It wasn’t me asking myself, it was my father asking, ‘When are you going to play music?’ This was a very huge pressure.”