U.N. Encourages Mali Peace Pact

U.N. Encourages Mali Peace Pact

From Business Insider

The United Nations peacekeeping chief urged the Malian government to show a strong signal of its commitment to peace as negotiations with rebels restarted.

U.N. Undersecretary General Herve Ladsous was visiting Algiers, where the Algerian government is hosting negotiations between Mali’s government and six mostly Tuareg rebel groups.

“Mali’s government should send a strong signal of its commitment to achieve peace,” Ladsous said at the start of the talks.

Clashes between armed groups and pro-government militias killed at least six people in northern Mali in recent days, Tuareg rebels said on Friday.

Mali’s vast desert north has risen up four times in the last 50 years, with different groups fighting for independence or differing levels of self-rule.


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