Tech Investor From Silicon Valley Looks For Startup Founders In Atlanta

Tech Investor From Silicon Valley Looks For Startup Founders In Atlanta

In case you missed the recent 500 Startups Unity and Inclusion Summit (Atlanta) at TechSquare Labs, we’ve got you covered. Moguldom.com was in Atlanta for the event, which provided a forum for some of the newest ideas around reversing inequality in tech. This is the first in a series of Moguldom videos from 500 Startups Unity and Inclusion Summit (Atlanta), June 10, 2017.

Venture capitalist Alyse Killeen has been attending tech conferences for the past seven years, looking for startups and tech founders to invest in.

Originally from Silicon Valley, Killeen was doing research on inflammatory disease — almost at Ph.D. level — when she dropped out of college and switched to investing. She is now managing partner at Los Angeles-based StillMark Co., an innovation and tech-focused investment and advisory firm.

Killeen was a moderator at 500 Startups Atlanta, leading a panel discussion on early stage investing from the frontlines.

“I  specifically attend these conferences because the audience is the best, most sophisticated tech audience I’ve seen in the past six or seven years of being in venture capital and attending tech conferences,” she told Moguldom on the sidelines of the summit.

“(500 Startups) attracts a broader audience that feels their time and focus will be well spent. Because of the focus of unity and inclusion, it’s an audience that I don’t find at other conferences. There’ll be payback from a diversity of speakers and content rather than something that’s more narrow and niche, where speakers look similar to one other.”

Being able to access and understand founders outside of Silicon Valley is critical to her success, Killeen said.

It’s important for investors that are seeking the greatest financial return for their limited partners to be able to see a really broad range of innovation and founders. In order to produce the most optimized financial returns, it’s critical to access and understand founders outside of Silicon Valley.

Killeen talked to Moguldom about her biggest success in venture capital (hint: it’s blockchain-related) and what she sees as the industry’s biggest failure — its inability to invest inclusively.

You can watch the exclusive video here.