South Africa’s ANC Youth League Begs Nicki Minaj To Return $900,000 Deposit

South Africa’s ANC Youth League Begs Nicki Minaj To Return $900,000 Deposit

From Music Times

Nicki Minaj is being hit up for the return of a $900,000 deposit made by South Africa’s ANC Youth League. The league is reportedly asking Minaj to return the large sum to charity after a cancelled TribeOne Dinokeng Festival performance.

As reported by XXL, Minaj was scheduled to perform for the festival but the event never went down due to the City of Tshwane having insufficient infrastructure to put on the show. In a video released by South Africa’s EWN, ANCYL’s Tshwane chairperson Lesego Makhubela shares why Minaj should return the non-refundable deposit money.

“We feel that Nicki Minaj has a contractual obligation to us all to pay back the money so we can pay it to charities,” Makhubela said. “We know that contractually, there is no way that money can be covered but the contractual obligation that she has with us, the money must be paid back because of the plight of the South African people.”

Makhubela feels as though the funds will not be used for the purpose they were intended, despite the fact that people fro his community are still suffering.

“She knows she hasn’t worked for the money,” he said in the clip. “We don’t want taxpayers’ money to be used on Nicki Minaj’s boob jobs.”

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