Ebola Fear Mongering On U.S. TV Stations To Win Viewers

Ebola Fear Mongering On U.S. TV Stations To Win Viewers

U.S. TV station Fox News has been accused of spreading fear about Ebola and its spread from West Africa to Americans in order to attract viewership. The a speaker on show hosted by Fox News recently asked for the U.S. government to ban travel to and from the west African countries affected Ebola in order to prevent the disease from coming to America.

In one case on September 20, Thomas Eric Duncan A Liberian visiting Dallas became critically ill about five days upon arrival and was subsequently diagnosed with Ebola virus. He’s currently being treated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. The hospital however announced he is in a critical condition.

“If there’s one question being asked more than any other about the ebola epidemic in west Africa, it’s why public health officials don’t just impose a travel ban to isolate the virus to the region?” Dr. Anthony Fauci Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said.

“From a public health standpoint, that really doesn’t make any sense. When you completely seal off and don’t let planes in or out of the west African countries involved, then you could paradoxically make things much worse, in the sense that you can’t get supplies in, you can’t get help in, you can’t get the kind of things in there that we need to contain the epidemic. …That marginalizes them. You could have civil unrest, governments could fall, and then you wind up having spread the virus to other countries in west Africa, which would only compound the problem.”