11 Reasons Why Trump’s Twitter Is Politically Incorrect

Written by Leela Sanikop
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The man has over 35,000 tweets, engraved deeply on the internet.

I wonder how many of those embedded messages are offensive, objectionable and most of all, unpresidential. When you scroll down the list of presidents, Trump presents a portfolio that does not seem to fall into the same bracket. From his obsession with WrestleMania to reality TV, his temper tantrums and Twitter outbursts have followed him all the way to the White House.

I get it, social media is becoming more and more of a place for expression and less of a source of information, but every day, Mr. President?

Rather than informing us of your erratic emotions, can you please tweet us updates that are relevant to the prestigious title you hold at the moment?

@realDonaldTrump, one thing for certain is you have kept it real. You’ve conveyed how “stupid” people are while you continue to make yourself great — not America.

By no means is this supposed to be taken as bashing our 45th president, but more as a critique and reflection on the person who has helped create a lot of controversy for millions of people.

Trump campaigned on a promise to be politically incorrect. He’s been delivering for years.

Check out why Trump’s Twitter is politically incorrect.


1. Everyone else is a liar


2. He is a bragger

3. He’s just plain mean

4. Everyone else is dumb

5. He’s in denial

6. He thinks you should only be heard if you’re rich

7. He likes to play victim when it’s convenient

8. He is the divider-in-chief

9. He’s obsessed with voices of dissent

10. He’s hypocritical

11. I Know I Am But What Are You?

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  • Abu Nudnik

    There is nothing politically correct or incorrect in a truly liberal society. The political philosophy of liberalism demands that all speakers and ideas be considered in order to come up with a better solution than either could come up with on his own. “Politically correct/incorrect” is a Maoist, anti-liberal worldview that is a cheap imitation of Confucianism. Where Confucius lauded individual responsibility, Mao preached strict adherence to the state and those who would do people’s thinking for them. Nothing is more destructive to the body politic than the idea that one and only one solution exists for each political problem. It is the sure sign of a totalitarian.

    • jj333

      Spot-on, awesome comment! Unfortunately, those who need to hear it most….won’t.

      • Abu Nudnik

        Thanks very much. But we might not need that many. Even a few can do a powerful lot of good since they know people who know people… as in the shampoo ad.

      • Abu Nudnik

        Have you heard about Jordan Peterson? Check him out on YouTube. He’s been canned, lost his funding money, is going private. People have collected so much he’s decided to create an alt-university. Tremendous development to rescue Western thought and knowledge processes.

        • jj333

          I first heard of Mr. Peterson when he did a video regarding ‘Islamaphobia’ and government attempting to censor criticism of Islam. It was refreshing to hear an academic speak the truth, hence the personal attacks against him.
          I believe he’s Canadian and his continued truth-telling is especially important now with and Islamic-appeasing PM. Canadians aren’t as ‘woke’ yet as they need to be. Anyway, I will read a little more about him & check out his alt-university plans. Thanks for the info!

          • Abu Nudnik

            Yes. University of Toronto, also in private practice. He came to the fore opposing Kathleen Wynn’s Ontario government bill that would make it a criminal offense to “misgender” someone. It was his “I will not use your pronouns” line that made him a target. (Imagine just thirty years ago. Would anyone even understand what that meant?)

            The plain speaking on issues is what he’s about. Intellectual honesty above all and moral behavior. You might say he’s a sort of Patrick Henry with one word substituted: “Give me honesty or give me death.” In my opinion, his most important attack is on the fraud of postmodernism, a disease that has the universities turning to excrement before our eyes, making it impossible to discuss any issue at all with honesty. Consider the preposterous notion in schools today that logic itself is a “patriarchal” tool of oppression.

            Another exciting branch is his body of lectures (on YouTube) about religion, myth, metaphor, and meaning,The Psychological Significance of the Bible Stories:

            He’s a first class intellect who now has raised a tremendous amount of money through Patreon.com. He exceeded his target and now has plans to create a web-based university-level educational platform to get around the circus the universities have become. I became a patron today.

            This is his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_f53ZEJxp8TtlOkHwMV9Q

            and this is his Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/jordanbpeterson/posts

  • Nery Feliciano Mortimer

    The 45th is a mental case put your big boy pants on sir and do your job stop your stupid attack tweets for it only shows how much you don’t care about America or American’s. Also if you have nothing to hide stop interfering with the investigation that can show your innonces if indeed you are, cause your making it hard on all of us to believe you.