Liberia May Prosecute Man Who Entered U.S. With Ebola

Written by Ann Brown

From Reuters

Liberia could prosecute a national who flew to the United States and was diagnosed with the Ebola for making a false statement on travel documents, the head of the West African nation’s airport authority said on Thursday.

Binyah Kesselly said the Liberian patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, was asked in a questionnaire as he left Monrovia airport if he had come in contact with any Ebola victim or was showing symptoms of the disease and he had replied ‘no’.

“I raised the question with the justice minister if we can prosecute people for knowingly making false declaration on forms where you willingly, knowingly and mortally put people’s lives at risk … She is of the opinion that we can,” said Kesselly.




Written by Bate Felix/Read more at Reuters