Nigeria’s iROKOtv Entering South African, DVD Markets

Nigeria’s iROKOtv Entering South African, DVD Markets

Nigeria’s iROKOtv will be selling DVDs in South Africa, a move that represents a new African market and a new distribution channel for Africa’s largest source of Nigerian entertainment, according to a report in African Business Review.

Nigeria’s movie industry, aka Nollywood, is the second largest film industry in the world, producing around 2,000 movies a year, the report says.

iROKO Partners is launching 10,000 new Nigerian movie DVDs, which will be for sale in Johannesburg shops. Historically, the company’s content has only been available online, the report says.

Nollywood superstar Mama G, who has starred in more than 500 movies, will tour Johannesburg June 14-16 to sign the new iROKO DVDs.

“The majority of Nollywood fans are offline and watch Nollywood on DVDs,” said Jason Njoku, founder and CEO of iROKO, in African Business Review. “Access is the immediate challenge for VOD companies here. Until Africa comes online, DVDs will continue to be the primary platform to consume content, which is why iROKOtv has now entered the DVD market.”

Almost half of iROKOtv’s traffic comes from the U.K. and U.S., as diasporan communities have access to cheap and reliable broadband; something that cannot be said for the vast majority of Africans on the continent, the report says.