Lazy Moves We’re All Guilty Of

Lazy Moves We’re All Guilty Of

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Whether you’re a fitness nut or a couch potato, there are plenty of days when all of us just can’t be bothered to do pretty much anything. Like, really, anything. These are ten lazy moves that we’re all guilty of from time to time, so you can stop feeling guilty and celebrate your lazihood with the rest of us.

Watching truly terrible television because you can’t be bothered to find the remote

Or, heaven forbid, get up to change the channel. Looks like you’re going to be watching “Storage Wars” for the next two hours, or until you muster the energy for a bathroom break. Might as well just take a nap.

Take a taxi to avoid a walk that would have been under 20 minutes

Yes, you would have saved that $12 that you probably could have used for rent, but at least you didn’t have to walk the grueling 10 blocks home. Can you imagine the blisters? Well done dodging that bullet, friends.

Justify skipping the gym because it would be too crowded/your exercise gear is dirty/you can’t find your gym pass/etc.

Really any excuse in the world is valid when it comes to avoiding the gym. A personal favorite? You don’t want to appear too muscular anyway. But anything works, and you can rotate your excuses on a daily basis.

Text or call somebody who is in the same house as you

Oftentimes to call them over to ask them to pass you something from across the room, we like to use technology to communicate with one another even if we’re a mere room away. But shouting would sound rude, and you’re most definitely not getting up off the couch at this point.

Order delivery from the place around the corner

Because you’re obviously not going to cook and clean, take-out is the go-to. But even at that point, you don’t really want to get dressed, leave the house, order, wait for it to be cooked, then walk the treacherous way back home. Better off picking up the phone and just answering the door in your underwear.

Give a baby a set of keys and call it playtime

Babies have an incredible ability to entertain themselves, so why use the energy to engage in a round of peek-a-boo when they’ll be just as happy looking at your keys? Now you can continue to watch television unhampered and your baby is quite content.

Letting the dog out to pee and calling it the same thing as a walk

Because taking ten steps into the yard to go to the bathroom is the same thing as a vigorous 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. Just switch your dog’s food to the low-fat kind and he’ll keep his figure just fine.

Sleeping in your clothes, and then not bothering to change them the next day

It was a great outfit the day before, so why not get double use out of it? Maybe you fell asleep in them because you were up late, or were drunk, or maybe it was entirely intentional to save yourself ten minutes the next morning. Whatever, you’re still rocking it.

Throwing something out rather than cleaning it

You burned beans onto the bottom of the pan, and it would take at least ten minutes to really scrub them off. Or you forgot about that container of leftovers in the back of the fridge for a week and now the plastic and food have fused to become one. Might as well just chuck it and buy a new one, right?

But no matter your lazy sins, at least you’re still not the guy who did this

Unless you actually are, in which case, bravo! You’ve officially reached new heights of laziness. Keep up the great work.