S.A. Plastic Surgeons Make Big Business From African Women Seeking Kim K, J-Lo Beauty

S.A. Plastic Surgeons Make Big Business From African Women Seeking Kim K, J-Lo Beauty

From Times Live

Women from other parts of Africa are turning to local plastic surgeons for Kim Kardashian breasts, Jennifer Lopez derrières and Jessica Alba washboard tummies.

Plastic surgery safaris to South Africa are no longer the exclusive preserve of wealthy Americans and Europeans, and the beauty-conscious from elsewhere on the continent fork out up to R100000 for their body contouring “holiday”.

Agencies specializing in medical safaris have seen a surge in the number of visitors from countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Angola seeking breast enhancement procedures, tummy tucks and liposuction.

They are also known to use their recuperation time to shop for clothing, shoes, handbags, furniture and diamonds.

Sandton plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Chetan Patel said breast reductions, augmentations and lifts were popular with clients from Mozambique and Angola. Liposuction and buttock augmentation were also in demand.

“Body shape in African culture is generally regarded as more important in terms of beauty than facial beauty is,” said Patel.

“African people in general have far better facial skin than Caucasians and therefore facial surgery, Botox and fillers are far less sought-after.”

He has had many requests for bottoms like those of Lopez and Kardashian. “One has to assess the request and the expectations of the patients and match this with the examination of their bodies to see if it is achievable.”

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Patel said plastic surgery was no longer regarded as the preserve of Western culture. “As more African people are exposed to media and the burgeoning influence of Hollywood, so their wish to emulate such culture has proportionately increased.

“Coupled with an increase in disposable income … African people are opting for some of the luxuries that they would not have thought about.”

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