Faces Of Africa: Female Wrestlers Of Senegal

Faces Of Africa: Female Wrestlers Of Senegal

Wrestling is the Senegalese national sport, and female wrestlers from Mlomp rule in wrestling tournaments, according to a CCTV video.

This traditional sport has been passed down from generation to generation.

Isabel Sambou and Evelyn Diatta are female wrestling champions in Senegal who have brought pride to the country through the sport. They and other men and women who succeed in this sport are able to make a living.

Mlomp is a rural community and village in the Ziguinchor Region of Senegal in the Casamance, about 40 kilometers southwest of Ziguinchor.

The traditional wrestling that Isabel and Evelyn have grown up with is very similar to the modern freestyle wrestling category in international competitions, CCTV reports. It is perhaps one of the things that makes Isabel’s transition from tradition to competitive wrestling relatively easy.

Isabel and her team were filmed training for the African wrestling championships.

Weighing in before competition is always a source of tension for male and female wrestlers.

“You have been training very hard,” Isabel said. “Everybody’s hungry. If you fail to have the right weight you have problem with your coach, with your country.”