Tanzania, USAID Studying Feasibility Of 80-Mile Road

Tanzania, USAID Studying Feasibility Of 80-Mile Road

Tanzania’s government has signed a grant agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Development to conduct a feasibility study and detailed design of an 80-mile road from Mikumi to Ifakara in the Morogoro Region.

The road lies in the Southern Agricultural Corridor of Tanzania and is crucial for the country’s economic growth, Tanzanian Minister for Works John Magufuli told the National Assembly. USAID agreed to finance all costs under the agreement, given the economic importance of the road, according to a report in All Africa.

The agreement was signed in January. The work will include a feasibility study for construction and expansion of bridges, the report said.

The Tanzanian government is looking for a consultant engineer for a 22-mile stretch of road from Mikumi to Kidatu, Magufuli said. The government has been constructing in phases the 45-mile road stretching from Kidatu to Ifakara. Between 2006 and 2008, 10 miles were constructed at tarmac level.

The government also plans to conduct a feasibility study for the road stretching from Ifakara to Kihansi in 2013-14 in preparation for tarmac, the report said.