Microlight Pilots Must Now Clear Security In Namibia

Microlight Pilots Must Now Clear Security In Namibia

From All Africa.

Microlight aircraft, used increasingly by tourists for game watching safaris and as transportation into and across Namibia, will be subject to a new security application process, the country’s transportation head says.

“Namibia remains a favorite hot spot for such tourist visits and microlight activities will continue to grow,” said Erkki Nghimtina, Namibia’s minister of transportation, in a prepared statement. “We welcome these tourist arrivals and the multiple economic benefits they generate to support tourism…It is equally important that there is no compromise to a personal sense of security on the part of…citizens and visitors to the Republic of Namibia.”

Microlight pilots will be subject to an application process, which assesses their safety and security, he said, but gave no further details.

In a separate report, Namibia filed charges against 12 South African pilots in May for allegedly violating Namibian airspace and illegal entry into the country, according to City Press.

The pilots were on a 16-day fundraiser trip across Botswana and Namibia to raise awareness and funds for the South Africa Cancer Association, the report said.

Many of the aircraft were light enough to be classed as microlights, and the pilots reportedly got their papers before the trip from the Namibian Microlight Association.

They believed they had the necessary documentation, but the documents apparently did not include permits to fly over Namibia or to land.

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