Nigerian Route Most Lucrative For Airlines In Africa

Nigerian Route Most Lucrative For Airlines In Africa

Nigeria’s Lagos and Abuja routes are the most lucrative destinations for airlines operating in Africa due to the high load factor that even rivals developed markets like New York.

The west African country load factor is usually high from top to bottom meaning that the first and business classes in these airlines fill up first before the economy. This makes it one of the best destination for premium airlines such as British Airways, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines and Lufthansa.

“This is a Nigerian phenomenon, which is a class conscious environment. And this is one of the major reasons why Nigeria is a very lucrative route,” Travel expert, Ikechi Uko, told This Day Live.

It is estimated that British Airways makes more revenue from Three flights to Lagos than it makes from 10 Flights to New York.

This can be explained by the fact Nigerians are class conscious flyers that prefer travelling in the first and business class. Normally carriers earns more per seat for the few seats in first class and business class, than hundreds of seats in the economy class.

Most of these expensive seats snapped up by Nigerians are paid by government, corporate institutions and well to do Nigerians.

Even African airlines such as South African Airways, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airline are benefiting from the status consciousness of the Nigerians.

Ohis Ehimiaghe, South African Airline’s west Africa regional manager, told This Day Africa their airline operating in the country usually have its higher class cabins get filled up first before the Economy class unlike in other parts of the World where the economy class gets more prominence.