Will Libyan Post Controlled Retelit Buy U.S. FiberGate?

Will Libyan Post Controlled Retelit Buy U.S. FiberGate?

From Business 2 Community

This week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made clear that “Obama’s “ultimate objective” was to protect national security interests” in Iraq. But what about our security here at home? Cyber-security has holes in it big enough to drive a truck through already – and there is a new threat.

9 of the world’s leading security officers have this to say about transforming information security:

“The ad-hoc processes put in place for the days of perimeter-based security can’t handle the scale and complexity of managing cybersecurity risks for a global enterprise today. Forward-thinking security teams recognize that keeping pace with cyber threats and the latest business and technology trends requires an overhaul of their information security processes.”

Protecting a data center will do little if the critical infrastructure that connects data centers falls under the control of countries designated as security threats. While we hear about cyber-security threats to businesses, do we really know who controls the fiber and networks that connect the Internet? Who owns the fiber that connects government agencies in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere? Is that control at risk? Let’s take one example.



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